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  1. Luther 2.02 Review Cover Image

    Luther 2.02 Review

    The Second Episode BBC ONE Crime-Drama Luther 's Second Season aired this week, and Idris Elba as troubled DCI John Luther must rescue Ripley, abducted by Cameron, in time to prevent Cameron's final murderous set piece.

    Column Article, Shot For Shot Kelvin Green, Paul Brian McCoy June 27, 2011
  2. Game of Thrones 1.10:

    Game of Thrones 1.10: "Fire and Blood"

    The Comics Bulletin TV Squad's coverage of Game of Thrones Season One concludes with the season finale, "Fire and Blood!" Who lives? Who Dies? How many penis jokes can one quartet of Comics Bulletin reviewers make while talking about an episode with minimal nudity it? Scroll Down! Nick Hanover: Seriously, I don't know why anyone would want such an uncomfortable looking throne.

    Column Article, Shot For Shot The TV Squad June 24, 2011