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  1. 4Adventure Comics #524  Image

    Adventure Comics #524

    This is the team and the concept to take the book beyond its revival as a Superboy title at last, and a big improvement over the initial decision for Levitz to look at the current team in their titular book and revisit their origins in this one.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Shawn Hill March 21, 2011
  2. 3Vampirella #4 Image

    Vampirella #4

    Kolchak the Night Stalker first introduced me to the concept of new cities being built over old ones fossilized by fire.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Ray Tate March 19, 2011
  3. 4Soldier Zero #6  Image

    Soldier Zero #6

    I jumped into Soldier Zero after some months of waiting, and after I finished reading it I thought “why didn’t I come on board earlier?” If the quality and intensity of the series is always as good as with this issue, I am definitely going to be on board for DnA’s latest team-up! Soldier Zero #6 is the kind of book that doesn’t hold back -- that grabs you in the middle of an arc but doesn’t waste time with lousy recapping or any of that stuff.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Sam Salama March 19, 2011
  4. 4Simpsons Comics #176 Image

    Simpsons Comics #176

    Lisa discovers that Homer's been trying to acquire a college fund for her via the lottery.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Ray Tate March 19, 2011
  5. 4.5Ruse #1  Image

    Ruse #1

    In Simon Archard, writer Mark Waid creates the classic example of everything a Victorian-era detective should be.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Joel Crabtree March 19, 2011
  6. 3Generation Hope #5 Image

    Generation Hope #5

    After a somewhat hit-and-miss first arc, things appear to be picking up for the mutant messiah Hope and her Five Lights.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Robert Tacopina March 18, 2011
  7. 5Avengers Academy #11 Image

    Avengers Academy #11

    Avengers Academy is a sumptuous feast for the eyes, and while the Cadets take center stage, Christos Gage, Tom Raney, Scott Hanna and Jeromy Cox also mingle their talents for spectacular guest-heroes that include Tigra, Thor, Iron Man, Cap, Spidey, the Thing, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Ms.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Ray Tate March 18, 2011