1. 4.5Legion: Secret Origin #2 Image

    Legion: Secret Origin #2

    If there's one idea in DC Comics lore you'd think might be played out, it's the origin of the Legion.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Shawn Hill December 5, 2011
  2. 2Fringe 4.07

    Fringe 4.07 "Wallflower" Review

    CHRISTMAS MID-SEASON FINALE: While Olivia copes with migraines, she and her team investigate an invisible force which kills its victims and causes the body to turn a ghostly white.

    TV Review Article Reviewed by Paul Brian McCoy December 4, 2011
  3. 3.52000 AD Prog 1761 Image

    2000 AD Prog 1761

    Of course, one of the problems of an anthology series like this is that you are jumping into the middle of several stories. Some of them are easy to follow and get hooked on right away, but some of them are just too involved and I can’t really get the gist of without the previous chapters.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Zack Davisson December 3, 2011
  4. 3.5Archie Double Digest #223 Image

    Archie Double Digest #223

    If Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and an increasing list of holiday chores have drained you of your Christmas spirit already, this issue of Archie Double Digest might be just the thing to perk you up.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Penny Kenny December 3, 2011