1. 3.5Uncanny X-Men #3 Image

    Uncanny X-Men #3

    While this issue felt a little slow at times with Sinister's numerous speeches, it was overall a good comic that successfully opened the door for many possibilities as this new volume of Uncanny X-Men continues.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Sara McDonald January 5, 2012
  2. 4.5B.P.R.D.: Being Human Image

    B.P.R.D.: Being Human

    B.P.R.D.: Being Human is a fantastic showcase of what the Mignola universe is all about.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Zack Davisson January 4, 2012
  3. 4The Quality Companion Image

    The Quality Companion

    The Quality Companion makes a strong case that the Quality Comics line truly lived up to its name.

    Book Review Article Reviewed by Jason Sacks January 4, 2012
  4. 3American Vampire #22 Image

    American Vampire #22

    The optimistic cover simply promises a "new storyline," and it's going to concern Travis Kidd, a 19-year-old from Las Vegas who we meet on the road in 1954.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Shawn Hill January 2, 2012
  5. 4Aquaman #4 Image

    Aquaman #4

    In many ways this arc was the simplest of all the New 52 opening arcs.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Ray Tate January 2, 2012