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  1. 4.5ADVANCE REVIEW: Mondo #1 Image

    ADVANCE REVIEW: Mondo #1

    Mondo #1 throws you cartwheeling through your sense of reality, and keeps you turning the pages.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Daniel Elkin February 7, 2012
  2. 3.5Animal Man #6 Image

    Animal Man #6

    We finally see the indie film Animal Man starred in, which reveals the difference between comics and cinema.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Danny Djeljosevic February 6, 2012
  3. 4London Horror Comic #4  Image

    London Horror Comic #4

    London Horror Comic boasts a level of quality and presentation that puts some of the output of more established publishers to shame.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Kelvin Green February 2, 2012