1. 5Minicomic: The Mire Image

    Minicomic: The Mire

    Ideas of love and loss are a frequent sight in Cloonan's output, but The Mire takes a different approach towards the themes, and the result is a richly rewarding, dense and compressed story which feels light, open, and dreamlike.

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Steve Morris May 31, 2012
  2. 4.5Eureka 5.06

    Eureka 5.06 "Worst Case Scenario"

    Now I ask you: Is Superman ever really dead? How about Batman, or Green Lantern, or Sherlock Holmes, or Doc Savage, or Captain America, or even friggin’ Ron Paul, Lassie, or Rin Tin Tin?

    TV Review Article Reviewed by Tom Carroll May 27, 2012