Monarchy #6

Posted: Thursday, August 16
By: Ed Spillane
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Writer: Doselle Young
Artists: John McCrea (p), Garry Leach (I)

Publisher: DC Wildstorm

Jackson King and gang take care of a poltergeist bombardment.

I’ve given this series a chance and while there have been some engaging issues, this issue is a complete mess. One of the letters discusses how they love to read and reread the story to understand it; well, you can read this issue several times and still have no idea what it has to do with this issue, this series, or anything resembling an interesting Authority spinoff story.

The first page starts off with a discussion of the Tungva tribe who many years ago settled the area from Long Beach to San Diego and thought a field outside Long Beach was the “life-cradle” of their god, Chichinicka. What this has to do with anything is beyond me. This appears to be another dangling plot idea thrown out for no reason. Certainly the characters on the first page are not appealing, the lines are unremarkable, and again what does this have to do with anything????

Then Farmer and Union take on some weird force coming through the Bleed. There is again no explanation of what they are doing and how they are defeating this force. This is almost a parody of the bizarro Authority group from Authority #25 which is a lame parody of the real Authority team. Awful.

Jackson and the Professor, aka Saahira (pretty memorable name), have zero chemistry and even less humor as they jam a satellite transmission. Ugh.

The only interesting character is a guy clothed in black with a gold circle on his chest called I guess the “lost angel”. Again, what he has to do with the overall story is beyond me. He’ll probably at best be another dangling plot point.

The artwork is equally depressing. The background colors are washed out pinks, blues. It makes the characters look like they are performing in an aquarium tank. Jackson King possesses one look, a strange thoughtful grimace yet he’s been a superman in these issues, utterly in control. He alone understands what this mess of plot points all mean but he’s keeping it to himself. Even in the shower when he’s with Christine, he has the same look (despite drooling shower water out of his mouth).

Final Comments:
With every page there seems to be a new uninteresting storyline, all sadly at this point adding up to nothing. I gave this series a chance but alas cannot recommend it.

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