Scooby-Doo #43

Posted: Sunday, December 17
By: Ray Tate
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"Nutcracker Not-So Sweet"
"Mascot Madness"

Writer: Joe Edkin
Artist: Joe Staton, Eric Doescher(p), Dave Hunt, Mike DeCarlo(i), Paul Becton(c)
Publisher: DC

Plot: 'Tis the season when the thoughts of Scooby Snacks dance in one's head.

Scooby-Doo's Christmas present to the reader is a brisk Nutcracker themed mystery sure to please those having a sweet tooth for detection. Joe Edkin deftly creates suspicion to raise the level of surprise when the meddling kids remove the mask.

I feared that Shaggy's character in the second mystery would be expanded. While fine for a more realistic cutie like Daphne, Shaggy should definitely stay in the wondrous state of decay in which he now lives. Mr. Edkin dispels those fears. Any extracurricular activities Shaggy pursues are all part of his long-term ambition to satisfy his perpetually empty stomach.

The second mystery is more obvious, but the comic capers and the hilarious knowing dialogue make up for a lack in shock.

"We're so weak!"
"Rut Racks Rawr Ro Rood."

I'm amazed at how many variations of the Scooby Snacks gag can be played out yet still bring a smile to the face.

In the second mystery, the artwork is a lot of fun with sight gags galore and a delectable design for Daphne. The first mystery shows Joe Staton's mastery of faces, but the colors for Daphne's ballet costume are abominable, and Mr. Staton makes her as graceful as a swan wearing galoshes.

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