Avengers Infinity #1

Posted: Thursday, July 13
By: Alan David Doane
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Writer: Roger Stern
Artists: Sean Chen (p), Scott Hanna (i), Steve Oliff (c)
Published by Marvel Comics

The plot: After discovering wrongdoing in a distant corner of the galaxy, Quasar calls together a team of also-rans--erm, reserve Avengers.

When this project was first announced, I had mixed feelings. I loved Sean Chen's Iron Man work, but Marvel stalwart Roger Stern has never been a real favourite of mine, and the line-up of Avengers seemed...pretty irrelevant.

After reading the first issue, I have to say, I wasn't far from wrong.

It's nice to see Quasar again, but Tigra, Starfox and Photon (the female former Captain Marvel) are three of my all-time least favourite Avengers characters, and they're all in full bloom here. Only Photon seems even vaguely interesting to me, given that Stern gives us a look at her real life before she heads off for adventure, and Chen draws her quite beautifully.

Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have much of an affinity for Thor, who to my way of thinking is the only real Avenger here. The story itself is a typically competent Stern job, gathering the team to face a threat first, we find out, encountered by Jack of Hearts (who Chen does a great job with, especially in the flashback scene where Jack gets captured.

It's clear, from the title, price and apparent hoped-for scope of this story, that Marvel was hoping this would serve as a worthy follow-up to the terrific Avengers Forever miniseries by Kurt Busiek (with help from Stern) and Carlos Pacheco. I notice they went the cheap route by charging the same $2.99 price but skipping the cardstock covers.

Overall, this first issue has about the same tone and entertainment value of the three-issue Jerry Ordway fill-in Avengers issues a couple of years back: competent, occasionally interesting, but on the whole, pretty average. And, sadly, irrelevant.

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