Green Lantern #3

A comic review article by: Paden Wyatt

Hold on to your butts. Green Lantern #3 is raising a lot of questions, including the following: How does that created ring even work? Is it a construct? Is Hal temporarily deputized? Why do I suddenly care about the pink Space Hitler? Is there any way to start reading this story intravenously? I am freaking out like a fan girl, WHY AM I FREAKING OUT LIKE A FAN GIRL?

Issue #3 rocks the shelves while ramping up the action in classic Geoff Johns style. This issue redeems Hal Jordan's character, who, in the last two issues, was made to look like the hot-headed, short-sighted jerk that he is. Now, he appears to actually care about Miss Ferris as something other than a pile of money. This redemptive change in Jordan is surely intentional because, as Sinestro has told Hal before, Hal's life is meaningless without the ring. Since he got his groove back, his descent in to douchebaggery has come to a grinding halt.

While seeing Hal as kind of an asshole over the last few issues might have been tough for GL fans to swallow, seeing Sinestro as a voice of reason is even more unnerving. It's scary to agree with Sinestro, especially since he doesn't seem to have changed his old ways drastically. In issue #2, He tells Hal that wearing the ring means so much more than being a costumed savior. Essentially, Sinestro is saying that Hal needs to focus on the cause of the problem instead of fixing the symptoms. This approach to problem solving sends this reunited odd couple on a quest on Korugar together. The Sinestro method ultimately leads to one of the most shocking cliffhangers in recent comic book history.

While I'm not the fondest of Mahnke's and the rest of the art company's work, particularly when it comes to Hal's and Sinestro's ever-changing faces, I cannot deny that the Sinestro Corps aliens look horrifically awesome and exemplify some real skill. A few specific pages and creatures stick out. Page 21, for example, features a disgusting, hulking mass of purple flesh stuffed into a Sinestro Corps suit. He, along with the creature that I refer to as Slobberchops, looks amazing. On page 16, where Slobberchops is harassing a Korugarian girl, the panel fills the background page with many other Sinestro Corps members and a beautiful glowing yellow power battery. This is one of the best scene setting panels in the rebooted series so far.

The excitement level in this book is on par with a monster truck about to jump 15 school busses that are aflame I can't comprehend how you couldn't be sucked back into this series. A final question, though: Geoff Johns, will you please keep this up? I haven't been this excited for Green Lantern in forever.

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