Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #2 (of 6)

A comic review article by: Michael Deeley

I'm beginning to think the series is being padded out. This issue just has the two teams of heroes escaping from people who want to kill them. They don't even meet until the last page. A green-skinned member of the evil empire shows great interest in the Legion's Time Bubble. And the emperor of this evil world shows his beard.

The comic isn't boring; at least not yet. The Enterprise's fight and escape is well-paced and gripping. Everyone still acts in character, from Mr. Spock's dry response to Kirk's joke to Dr. McCoy's griping. The Legion's escape is much easier. So easy, you might wonder why they didn't do it sooner. It's because Braniac 5 had to dig a special doodad out of the Time Bubble. And why didn't Cosmic Boy just pull it out with his magnetic powers? Because fight scene, that's why. Last issue set up the premise. This issue begins the plot. Seems they could have done both in the same issue. 

We are introduced to the most famous part of the original "Mirror Mirror" episode: The Evil Beard! Spock's counterpart in that other universe wears a pointed Van Dyke, a.k.a. "Devil Beard." Every time someone parodies or references that episode, the evil twin is wearing the same beard. Even McCoy in this comic wonders if his evil twin has that beard. And yet, Spock's twin was only one who had it! It's not like everyone in the Mirrorverse has sinister facial hair. But that chin strap has become permanently associated with evil twins ever since. That's an epic beard!

The same beard is all we see of the emperor of this world. I'm already racking my brain for every Legion and Star Trek villain that had facial hair and could travel through time. Who is the villain of this book? Universo? Mordru? The Time Trapper? Trelane, the god-child from "The Squire of Gothos"? Charlie X? Maybe it's a member of the Q continuum from Star Trek: The Next Generation? And who's to say it is a villain? Being an evil universe, maybe a superhero turned to evil and travelled back in time to build an empire. The Time Trapper would be the most likely suspect, since he/she's often revealed to be a former Legionnaire turned evil. And bearded. Amazing how one beard can say so much.

The art's as good here as it was last issue. Jeffery and Phillip Moy are my pick to be the next Mark Bagely. Their panels are often large, usually three to four to a page, and arranged unevenly. This results in lots of white space between and around the panels, further adding to the sense of padding. There are times when McCoy's head looks a little too large for his body, and Uhura seems to be smiling constantly. But this is just nitpicking. Overall, the art is great and easy to follow.

So next issue will probably see the two teams fight before making peace. We've yet to see the real meat of the plot. Who is the emperor? What does the green man plan for the Time Bubble? Will Kirk hit on Shadow Lass and Saturn Girl, or just Shadow Lass? We'll find out in 30!

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