Review: 'Deadpool Kills Deadpool' We're one more step along the road of Deadpool's journey.

A comic review article by: Alex Wolfe

We're one more step along the road of Deadpool's journey. We've been through Deadpool killing the Marvel Universe. We've been through Deadpool slaying the Ideaverse. Now, in Deadpool Kills Deadpool, the story takes a different turn – and follows a different protagonist.

Different protagonist?! Madness! It's a Deadpool story – of course the protagonist must still be Deadpool, right?

It is. It's just a different Deadpool. As opposed to the dark Wade we saw in the last two minis (I like to call him “Metacide Deadpool”), the focus of this story shifts to the “official,” canon, 616 Wade Wilson... the Deadpool we all know and love. The Deadpool with a proper number of voices, the Deadpool who may be a bit of an idiot but tends to try to be a hero.



But, doesn't that make this like... a whole different comic? Won't it disrupt the flow of the story being told?

Yes, it does, actually. Deadpool Kills Deadpool gives us a very different sort of story, one that goes in a very different direction than the way we had previously been led. While the Ideaverse was destroyed in Deadpool Killustrated, and despite seeing a great deal of known versions of heroes like Miles Morales butchered, the status quo is reset in this comic – the 616 Universe is completely unharmed by Metacide Deadpool's little multiversal excursions.

Naturally, writer Cullen Bunn pokes more than a little fun at the very concept of a status quo – but even so, I have to say that, in comparison to the last two minis (both of which I've reviewed – go check them out!), Deadpool Kills Deadpool was the least rewarding and stimulating. Gone is the dark introspection of Metacide Deadpool and the red voice. The looming threat of multiversal destruction now no longer hits home as an actual possibility. Gone is the gloom and the intensity.


Deadpool Kills Deadpool


Not that this new installment isn't still fun, of course – starring “classic” Deadpool and an infinite amount of alternative Deadpools (including Lady Deadpool, Headpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, Golden Age Deadpool, Pulp Deadpool, Evil Deadpool, Pandapool, Cesspool, and of course, Metacide Deadpool), the whole comic is much more light-hearted and a lot funnier than the last two minis. And, if you like pretty much non-stop action montages of Deadpools killing different Deadpools, then I can't see where you could go wrong.

When I first heard the title of this new mini, Deadpool Kills Deadpool, I was expecting a tale of the Metacide Deadpool we had grown to know in this storyline trying to kill his actual self. Like, the concept of himself. Or something like that. But that's not what I got – while that character is generally stated as being the source of the multiversal problem here, he's barely even in this story (only briefly at the end). I'll admit that it is a funny story, and had it not come hot on the heels of the darker tone of the last two, I think I would have really enjoyed it. But this... just fails to deliver for me.

The art is nice, I'll give it that. As are the design choices and ideas for the myriad of new alternative Deadpools. But several of the action scenes outstay their welcome, and at the end of each of the four issues I kinda found myself wondering what had changed and why I should keep reading. When the ending finally comes it's a pretty huge letdown, and while this makes the last two stories semi-canon to the 616 Marvel Universe, there's no longer really anything to make canon. Nothing's different. The status quo remains the same.


Deadpool Kills Deadpool


As I mentioned before, this is pointed out a few times. Being self-aware, however (and contrary to popular belief), does not immediately excuse glaring narrative glitches like the ones that occur in between each new installment of Bunn's Deadpool anthology (the increasingly inaccurately named “Deadpool Killogy”).

Again, I want to stress that this mini is fine, and makes for a good standalone Deadpool story. But it is, frankly, a sad continuation and semi-conclusion to a story that seems like it will never end. That's right – this isn't the last mini in the Killogy. There's another one that I suppose I'll have to check out – Night of the Living Deadpool. This one also claims that it will be the conclusion to the story, but part of me finds that doubtful.

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