Black Sails 1.03 "III"

A tv review article by: Timothy Ashley

Once again if you were looking for some swashbuckling all-out brawls you will be sadly disappointed as once again we were not treated to any this episode. Once again character development and story takes precedence. One thing that we were treated to is seeing two pirate Captains setting aside their differences for the common good, but how long could that really last? I cannot wait until this group is ready to set sail on the high-seas to find this treasure, perhaps then we will get the action that we would all like to see.


This time we find John Silver (Luke Arnold) trying to get into the good graces of Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) and his crew by divulging information about the ship carrying the treasure, although he does withhold some things to ensure that Flint does not kill him. And, as he states, perhaps over time they can become friends.

I’m not exactly sure what to make of Silver’s character; I don’t know whether to love him or absolutely hate him. When Silver learns of the mutiny against Flint and those who were behind it, I presumed he would use that to his advantage to get Flint out of the picture or try to somehow usurp control from him. However he does not do this, instead bringing it to the attention of Billy (Tom Hopper). When Billy does some personal investigating into it, it looks as though he has some doubts about the Captain himself, so it will be interesting to see where things go with that.


Captain Vane (Zach McGowan) and Flint try to head into an uneasy alliance, the reason being that Eleanor (Hannah New) is in need of supplies and the money that Flint would get from his little treasure excursion would be more than beneficial for her and the company. But she knows that he can’t do it alone with his crew… so enter Captain Vane. After much argument the two decide to agree to terms and work together, although it took all of five minutes for that too dissolve… okay maybe more than five minutes.

The reason for the break-up was Vane’s doing; he captured Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and held her prisoner, allowing his crew to have their way with her as punishment for her part in his crew losing some money. Captain Vane states that he had no choice and that he essentially has a rep to maintain, so afterwards decides to let her go quietly. However, when Rackham (Toby Schmitz) tries to get her off the island he is intercepted by his own crew, who want to take her back. And since it was his fault as well for losing the money in the first place, they took her as compensation. In the end Max decides to stay with Vane to repay the money lost.


This doesn’t exactly bode too well for Vane, as he sort of has a thing going on with Eleanor. However, as soon as Eleanor finds out what is going on, she dissolves the relationship with not only the two of them but also makes the bold move in giving Flint Vane’s crew. It won’t be Flint who will be commanding those pirates, though. That duty falls to his Quartermaster, Gates (Mark Ryan).

Now this may seem a bit weird to say but hear me out, I feel just a little bit bad for Captain Vane after what happened. Now what he did to Max was definitely wrong and I’m not saying he was right by any means, but the second time around I do not think he realized what the crew was doing to her after he sent her away.

By all accounts he thought that she was gone and on a ship heading just about anywhere. Mind you, while all of that was happening behind his back, he was with Eleanor doing… stuff. I think he truly does love Eleanor and doesn’t want to do anything to harm her, but in the end it was his own doing that has dissolved the relationship and for some reason you cannot help but feel bad for him, seeing how much he is pining away.


This episode treaded very lightly with what they offered; there was no action at all, just the repercussions and fallouts of what happened in the last episode. I really can’t wait to kick off this treasure hunt as I believe that will offer up some much anticipated excitement. Oh! I almost forgot, last episode we were introduced to a new character that Flint visited. Her name is Miranda Barlow (Louise Barnes) and beyond that we have no idea who the heck she is. I am not the only one dying to find out who exactly she is and what her relationship to Flint is, since Richard Guthrie (Sean Cameron Michael) is snooping around her house while healing from his gunshot wound.


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