The Originals 1.13 “Crescent City”

A tv review article by: Shawn Hill

This episode requires a sports metaphor. If only I knew any of those. You know that feeling when your team is on a winning streak, plowing through the competition and doing nearly everything right? That. You like werewolves? Hayley throws a keg party for all of them. You like witches? The dead ones have come back to fight the living ones. You want vampires? Vampires are bleeding out all over this pitch!

Elijah finally figures out Sabine is really Celeste (I don’t quite know how that’s possible, I didn’t really get the sequence with all the disappearing tomb names; has she serially possessed life after innocent life all the way from her death to today? Does she get in there as a baby or wait until they grow up? Do they willingly submit to her possession? If not, how is she any better than the Mikaelsons at taking what she needs when she needs it?), and she finally lets us in on her motivations: townspeople killed her while Elijah was helping Klaus (townspeople Klaus had incensed against the witches), a betrayal she will never forgive him for. So she’s taken over all the witches, hijacked the Harvest, tried to kill Hayley and her baby, and now has put everyone Elijah loves in danger, so he’ll have to choose again who to save.

Pretty hard core. “You’ve been playing a very long game,” says Elijah in his typically restrained manner, before she whammies him with a poison kiss. Meanwhile the wolves entrap Rebekah (after yet another foolish instance of unlikely wooing from a jocular hippy; that girl should run the other way from any and all Fabio-pretenders), and though Camille foils the witches plan by giving their extra-evil bone dagger to Klaus (rather than use it on him as intended), he foolishly carries it around near Sophie Devereaux after threatening her niece Monique. Sophie’s kind of at her limit and plunges the cursed dagger into his chest. It helps her finish the job by absorbing itself through his sternum, must be a smart device!

Which, fair enough, any excuse for Klaus to suffer is hardly a problem for me. And way to go Cami, surprisingly, who was mad at Uncle Kieran being cursed by the witches just to get her to do their bidding. Her reasoning also was that she felt Klaus would win the witch war.

Which he probably will, of course, ultimately. But when Hayley and her would-be wolfen betrothed (it’s a pack thing) end up trapped in the burning mansion, it is she whom Elijah saves. Leaving his sister and his brother trapped by the witches, and we still don’t know what made Genevieve, the youngest of the revived ones, particularly revengeful to Rebekah.

We now why Bastiana and all the rest hate Klaus, of course. Who doesn’t hate Klaus?

Shawn Hill knows two things: comics and art history. Somehow that led to him writing the Harvey Kurtzman entry for Icons of the American Comic Book: from Captain America to Wonder Woman (2013). He also writes for Art New England and is a member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), an NGO of UNESCO.

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