The Originals 1.07 “Bloodletting”

A tv review article by: Shawn Hill

Davina’s been making a lot of new friends lately. The overly sheltered junior witch first went clubbing with Cami, and then she woke up Elijah and was charmed by his timeless manners. This week Marcel brings her Klaus’ double-agent minion Josh, and it turns out he’s a pretty cool baby gay vamp, and they bond over being weirdoes. I hope this all doesn’t lead to Davina going out in an apocalyptic blaze Dark Phoenix (or Carrie) -style at some point, because it turns out she’s a pretty good kid, coping with some very hazy circumstances.

On the cursed scale, she’s got nothing on Tyler Lockwood or Hayley, but then wolves usually have it bad. Tyler’s lost his dad, his mom, his girl, his life, and all the hybrids he was unsiring from Klaus. It was he, not Marcel, who kidnapped Hayley from the orchard plantation last week, because he has a theory he wants to test. To do that, he drags Hayley to a desolate cabin in the swamp (which may be her ancestral home, poor hillbilly orphan). He withdraws amniotic blood (I think) and gives it to another werewolf, then kills him. Sure enough, he rises as a hybrid. With a neat twist, though: he’s sired to Hayley, not to Tyler, and a scuffle ensues.

This is just a presage to his scuffle with Klaus, who probably really regrets having turned this particularly prideful frat-bro football star into his first hybrid. Since he also tried to take his girl and did vengeance kill his mother (an admission that makes wise Elijah just tut-tuts in exasperation; bastard brothers are so much trouble). They sort of have a history. Tyler’s tough enough to off a new hybrid, but not a match for an Original one, and Klaus gets the better of him eventually. Those scenes actually look like they were fun to film, though they might have been more fun to watch if the two actually wolfed out. The CW saves those effects for big finales, though, and we haven’t yet reached our mid-winter point.

When Klaus realizes that poor Tyler is actually ready for death, he denies it to him. Of course, because Klaus is someone you never actually tell what you actually want. As Wolverine would say, he’s a dick. Unless you’re a pretty blonde princess, but usually even then.

Never is this more clear than the denouement, when an ever closer Elijah/Hayley combo seem to be jointly condemning Klaus for planning to use Hayley as his brood mare for a new hybrid army. We have no idea if this really was his plan (he initially wanted to kill Hayley, and didn’t seem to give a crap about his unlikely bastard), but he overacts like the diva he is to their worst expectations and bites Elijah.

I don’t know what that will do (wolf venom and vampire blood usually mix poorly, but blood does so many things on this show, like once it was only doppelganger blood that could make hybrids, but now it’s hybrid baby blood, too, even though Klaus’ own blood isn’t sufficient … it’s not worth it trying to solve this, the show will do whatever complicates the plot the most). This show is sort of like Klaus that way, actually; often entertaining, tragically charismatic, but frequently kind of a dick to its characters.

Also, Rebekah and Marcel (who’s grown much more nuanced in recent weeks) may be plotting against Klaus, but it’s hard to tell if either is being sincere.

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