The Vampire Diaries 5.04 “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

A tv review article by: Shawn Hill

This was a solid mid-season episode. While we're not quite out of the woods as far as who's doing what to whom and why, we've taken quite a few steps in the right direction.

The best part: everyone needs Bonnie to figure out their supernatural shit (Matt is being possessed; Elena and Damon want to fight Silas), so they finally put pressure on Jeremy to track her down. This means he has to tell them she died. Nobody takes it well, but then it took them four months to notice.

Conveniently, it's Remembrance Day in Mystic Falls, when everyone heads to cemeteries and drunkenly rings bells in honor of their long-departed. Which is weird, as bells usually dispel spirits rather than calling them up, but Mystic Falls is much more about tradition than practical magic. So Caroline and Tyler (he shows up for the occasion), Elena and Damon, and Matt (alone save for that pesky soul-rider) put on their most fashionable black and head into the woods to hear Jeremy say Bonnie's final words to them.

It's quite touching, and the show remembers its touchstones as each mourner brings an item of significance to the wake; ones that tie back to earlier seasons and episodes for us long-timers. Though long overdue, it's kind of beautiful, and Damon surprises by being especially moved.

Stefan doesn't show, however, as Amnesia Vamp has decided to strike off on his own. He later seeks solace in Caroline, who seems much nicer than fickle Elena or brittle Damon in every way. I like them together, so no complaints.

No Nadia, no Katherine, and no Silas this week. Instead, Jesse unwisely comes to visit from Whitmore (Caroline has no shortage of admirers), and nearly gets himself killed for the effort. Caroline feeds him restorative vamp blood, which is ironic (because she got vamped when Katherine killed her after a similar treatment) because that's also why evil professor kills him as soon as he gets back to campus. What the what? You'll just have to tune in next week, vampophiles! This season's mysteries have only begun to unfold.

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