Review: 'Blood Brothers' #2 is a vampire sitcom that cracks Zack up

A comic review article by: Zack Davisson

Blood Brothers cracks me up. And that’s not easy for a comic to do. Especially not a vampire comic with a lame sit-com inspired premise (Do we really need a vampire bromance?).   But the writing is intensely clever, the humor is dry, intelligent, and wicked, and the art binds all the weirdness together in a comic that escapes its own lame plot device.

And issue #2 is even better than issue #1.  We got all the set-up out of the way. The characters are introduced. The McGuffin (True Love!) is in place. And now it’s time to play. The vampire bromancers Tree and Nick are in search of Nick’s girlfriend Jill, who was unlucky enough to get herself kidnapped. Nick is ready to quit being a vampire for love of Jill, but he needs to find his creator, the legendary Roman vampire warrior Marcus …

Blood Brothers #2

Ugh. Maybe I better skip the plot synopsis. It sounds lame even while I type it …

… but don’t give up there! Because Blood Brothers isn’t about plot. It’s about the dialog. It’s about the wry one-liners, the “Blood Drinkers Anonymous” meetings, and 25-year chips for no killing. It’s about the pure absurdity of the premise and the world, but just taking it at face value and running with it.

The art team  of Evan Shaner and Dan Jackson is pretty damn good.  I admit I wasn’t thrilled with them on the first issue, but either they have found their rhythm on the series or their work has grown on my.  Shaner and Jackson pull off this … everyday guy look, for lack of a better word, that balances perfectly with the story. This is art without pretensions. Which is exactly what Tree and Nick need to make their snarky world come alive. 

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