Dexter 8.02 "Every Silver Lining" Review

A tv review article by: Jamil Scalese

8.02 "Every Silver Lining"

Across the Dexter fanscape there exists a general sentiment: let's get this sucker out the oven and on the dinner table. From exchanges with my fanatic friends to the view point of DebLuv666 on reddit I have to say that the most common viewpoint from viewers is that we love the show, we've stuck with it, but just do us a favor and make this quick and painless.

We're still a bit away from the end, but believe me, it'll get here quickly. One can't help but wonder what seeds are planted in the beginnings of the 8th season that will pay dividends in the end. The opening of the second episode might have a piece of the puzzle.

A young Harry Morgan, father to Dexter, speaks on tape to an off-camera Dr. Evelyn Vogel. The topic is his son who has begged him to check out a crime scene, and when Harry obliged it only seemed to invigorate the boy. At the end of last week's premiere Vogel revealed she knows about Dexter's honor-bound "Code", a set of rules that basically says "kill murderers and don't get caught." The main purpose of "Every Silver Lining..." is to incorporate Vogel into the show as realistically and efficiently as possible. Through her work with his father Vogel learned everything about Dexter, developed a frameowrk for The Code and kept tabs on him through the years.

Dexter Every Silver Lining

The various scenes with Dex and Evelyn don't prattle about, they're terse and hard-working. The writers establish good alibis in why we're just hearing about the master neuropsychologist with hands in the origin of the main character. I don't even blame the contingent of fans that view Dr. Vogel's inclusion into the show as retcon but I'm fine with how it's unraveled so far. When we got childhood flashbacks in the first season I always thought Harry's approach to his son's maturation was a little complex and developed for an otherwise regular Joe. It makes sense someone assisted.

These video tapes open a door to the past and I wouldn't be surprised if they show up again down the road for some big final hour revelations. At least we can hope the showrunners have something cool like that planned for us.

Vogel's larger purpose will be clearer soon but in the immediate she serves as an ally, mentor and mother-figure. The new serial killer in town, the Brain Surgeon, has targeted her in some way, leaving bloody clumps of gray matter and DVDs on her doorstep. The doctor employs Dexter to find Brain Surgeon and he takes up the cause in the name of serving his function.

Dexter Every Silver Lining

Dexter's real drama lies with Deb, and Vogel is visibly interested in that dynamic. Deb Morgan might be the real character to watch this summer as it appears that the central tension will derive from her actions and Dexter's reactions.

This week she commits her second unlawful murder, shooting hitman El Sapo after the two "tussled" in a storage unit whilst tracking the same bag of jewels. Dex never gets Deb to outright admit what happened, and the scene is kind of foggy, but it's more than subtly implied. Deb's wild spiral as Dex stands by hopeless makes for a terrific centerpiece so far.

In other news, Deb's boss from the private investigators firm has a speck of screen time, which means he's going to killed by a killer or a killer himself. Wildcard option: he's fodder for another inappropriate relationship for Deb.

Dexter Deb Every Silver Lining

The show is confused about its side characters. Tragically so. Joey Quinn and Jamie Batista's are paired simply because they're there, and Angel is thrown in because of his relation between the two. It might seem natural, but it's just old news all around. "Who dies first and how?" is the question I'm worried about.

This was an average episode, but it did lay foundation for important elements down the line. I'm just waiting for the irresistible blonde to show up.

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