Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller vol. 1

A comic review article by: Craig Lemon

Plot: It's Frank Miller, baby. It's Daredevil, baby. What more do you want?

Oh Marvel. Oh Marvel, oh Marvel, oh Marvel. What have you done? The concept - collect Frank Miller's work on DD, right from the beginning. Fantastic idea. Full marks. The execution - collect nine issues in a sub-200-page volume and charge 18 dollars for it. No, no, no, no, no.

Oh, it's glossy paper, oh there's a nice (new?) Frank Miller drawing for the cover. But it's just too expensive, or not enough issues covered to really justify the price (and that costs one bullet from the score in this review).

The stories are superb - well, forget the first one which wraps up a previous storyline, and the last which is Michelinie's fill-in - a nice enough self-contained tale, but...

You get Bullseye (these stories previously collected in the "Marked For Death" TPB I believe, avoid this if you have that one) in a multi-parter, making everyday household objects deadly weapons; you get the Black Widow in her decent days; you get Ben Urich and Daredevil's secret identity being peeled away over time, layer by layer. You get a realistic battle with the Hulk - what would happen if DD fought the Hulk? Answer: DD would get his head well and truly kicked in!

You also get another couple of mad villains in Doc Ock and the Gladiator...I remember this stories from B&W reprints in Marvel UK in the mid-eighties - Miller's art all sky lines and water towers, really moody and effective. Actually, the art looked better in B&W than it does here in colour - reprinting these in the Backpack Marvel format would've made this a  for each edition, no sweat.

You get McKenzie's stories, and, boy, must he be really p**sed that all the attention has gone Miller's way, and nothing has gone to him - these stories are fantastic, the dialogue is excellent, and McKenzie deserves a bow for his hard work here.

Ask for it for Christmas, order Volume Two from your LCS, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Just try not to think about the cost, that's all.

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