The Vampire Diaries 4.13- "Into the Wild" Review

A tv review article by: Shawn Hill


4.13- "Into the Wild"

Okay, good to finally know. Shane is an idiot. So hurt is he over losing his wife and son within weeks of each other (Juliet Binoche coped so much better with her similar loss in Kieslowski's Blue), when he falls down a well (into which he has dripped his own blood), the spooky voices he hears coalesce into said dead wife, who promises she can live again, just like everyone, if only he carries out this very long list of requirements someone named Silas told her he needs for the spell.

Yeah, so, clearly not his wife, right? If only anyone ever actually listened to Jeremy, who really can see dead people, he'd probably see right through Shane's illusions. But all anybody wants to do with Jeremy is look at him (not listen to him), and only in part because his upper body is covered with a mystical tattoo that drew itself. 

Jeremy needs to hear dead people, because they are the only ones he knows who ever actually give him good advice. Well, and maybe Matt, but he's not in this episode. This episode has the clue crew heading to some island near Nova Scotia (vamps just love crossing water in the daylight, don't you know) to find the cave of Silas, while back home Tyler and Caroline foolishly taunt a captive Klaus. 

Poor Tyler. He only ever had being a hot jock going for him. Now that he's a werewolf vampire hybrid, sexy sport skills aren't much help. Caroline can call him a leader until the cows come home, but all he's done is get his fellow hybrids killed and put his mother in the line of fire. Well, and break free of Klaus' control, that was a win, sure. But he's got to get smart about what to do with that freedom, except, he's Tyler. Also, Klaus bites Caroline (which will kill her because wolf venom) and then saves her, which has got to be old hat for those two by now. She does admit she believes he's capable of love, which we already knew because of his lonely snowflake painting weeks ago.  

I would give this holding pattern episode a lower rating, but two things did happen. Rebekah told us what we already knew about why she wants the cure, but Elena actually listened this time and stopped trying to kill her (or get killed by her, more like). She even returned Son of White Oak/Mr. Pointy, the one Original-Killing weapon left. And the other thing was she asked Damon to take the cure, too, and he turned her down. She just doesn't seem all that sired to me, because she didn't agree with his reasoning at all, and was instead clearly upset over his choice.

Fit Matt in somewhere next week, you silly show, and can somebody tell Bonnie that black magic is bad? At this rate, it's going to come down to Jeremy having to save everyone, and that is just sad.


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