Warehouse 13 3.10 "Insatiable" Review

A tv review article by: Tom Carroll

While Claudia and Myka investigate the case of a woman who can disintegrate anyone who angers her, Pete and his mother deal with their issues after being reunited.

Warehouse 13 airs Monday nights at 9:00PM EST on Syfy.

Okay … the challenge for today is to summarize the main plot for Insatiable in 25 words or less. Think I can do it? Read on, effendi, but let me announce that this serves as a Spoiler Alert.

A zombie-like disease ravages a small town. Gimme Shelter! Pete is likely victim, but it is Myka instead. Donner Party tip jar is to blame.

Twenty five, exactly. Ah! The sweet smell of success, or is that a rotting, pustule laden, horrifically scarred zombie passing by?

This show, Insatiable, had its ups and downs, but I am a firm believer that it is important to have a fairly light (or dark) and easy (or hard) show right before the season ends, which Season Three is about to, don’t you know. And whether you buy into zombies is really up to you. I like them, but I can’t presuppose that you will. I thought the people behind W13 did a fab job setting up the zombie plot, carrying out the special effects, and keeping the plot moving.

The one place where I groaned openly was when the deadly relic was revealed at the show’s end. A jar that had been used by the Donner Party, discarded, yes, but later found and repurposed as a tip jar on the counter of a roach coach, … that was the inciting artifact.


Never saw that one coming. And I don’t necessarily mean that in a good sense. While I acknowledge they probably couldn’t have gone in the direction by having, say … a Donner victim’s thigh bone repurposed into a spatula handle within same taco truck, but couldn’t they have found something more chirpy than a Donner party tip jar for the artifact? Wow. Speechless, am I.

Now, how about summarizing the subplot in 20 words (or less)? Stand back!

Soothsayer Sallah trumps Claudia’s love interest. Jumping through deadly hoops, she feigns indifference to win; sealed with a kiss.

Did I tell you that I would be wholly satisfied if the show featured Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) sitting in a comfy chair reading the phone book? It wouldn’t even need to be a comfy chair, either. And she wouldn’t have to be dressed like a manga schoolgirl or a leather-clad dominatrix, either. Just her … reading … the phone book.

But I digress.

The subplot was fun, kooky, and visually stimulating (the special effects are what I mean … what were YOU thinking?)

I enjoyed the angle involving Sallah, the Soothsayer artifact and the negative gyrations that it put Claudia through. Even the quickie ending was appropriate because this was the subplot, after all. In the void created by the firing of Stevie Jinks (Aaron Ashmore), Claudia needed something else to occupy her time (and ours) and this romantic hook was just fine.

It’s only fair to assume that I can now take on the dénouement in five words or less. Here goes nothing:

Jinks rats out for drinks.

Three for three: Cha-ching!! And I threw the rhyme in at No Charge …


Tom Carroll is a writer and artist who has worked in video games, online media, and comic books. Most recently he worked for Interplay Entertainment (Giants: Citizen Kabuto for PS2) and Rockstar San Diego (Midnight Club series and Red Dead Redemption). He wrote P.O.D.: The Nexus (2008, Zondervan Press, a division of Harper-Collins), and has his own comic property, The Gun Nose Chronicles, in development. He currently writes for Game Developer magazine and Comics Bulletin.

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