Dexter 7.04 "Run"

A tv review article by: Jamil Scalese

In the newest episode of Dexter the all-new Morgan sibling relationship continues to mature by bringing the police lieutenant and her serial killer brother together under a common cause.  Last week Debra halfway admitted Dexter's POV might hold water and now she clearly learns the legal system she puts so much weight in doesn't always do its job. Sometimes circumstance justifies an alternate method and when maze-building serial killer Ray Speltzer gets released on a technicality, even after direct admission of his crimes, Dexter makes it a point to quickly make him dead. It's apparent Dex needs to satisfy his 'Dark Passenger", but when he also burns his collection of blood slides it makes me wonder what type of transformation is taking place inside TV's favorite mass murderer.  

On the other side of the family Debra slowly shifts her viewpoint on her brother and his shocking secret. Again, a dream/vision brings her closer to realization, this time it's one where she sits in a bloody bathtub as Dexter stands in the doorway and watches her. It's a spooky scene, and it moves Deb to hound her brother on the apparent allusion: Dexter's murdered wife Rita. She asks bro about his involvement in the Trinity Killer investigation, and squeezes him enough to get Dex to admit he killed Arthur Mitchell. It's a deliciously tense moment that maintains the recent trend of big pay-off moments. By the end of the episode, when Dexter shows his sis that he turned Speltzer into smoke, she reveals she's "glad" it happened.  Somehow the writers are making it believable that someone with previously unflappable morals can venture into the more insidious parts of their soul. But then again she was raised by Harry too.

 Based on Speltzer being a huge asshole Dexter appears to have a need to distance himself from monsters that torture their victims. Trophies, one of the sickening motifs of the show, come up a lot here, and it's a progressive move to have Dex burn his relics along with his latest kill. Unfortunately, his original blood slides, the ones confiscated in season 2, are sitting in LaGuerta's office.

The bigger arching plot involving Isaak Sirko hits a major pivot in "Run". With the name and face of Dexter Morgan in his mind, the elegantly brutish mob boss takes aim at not just Dex, but the entire Miami police force. Bold move, sir! Isaak is preparing for war, and we find out where his zeal comes from. Apparently, the dude has some deep affection for his fallen man, Victor, the guy who killed Chicago Mike and dumped in the ocean by Dexter. Following an intense scene where he talks an innocent man into implicating himself for the murder of Chicago Mike by taking his own life, Isaak breaks into Victor's apartment and sulks heavily. This is the first suggestion that Isaak's drive to solve the murder of his colleague goes beyond a professional duty. Vic seems too old to be his maybe they were lovers? I mean Ray Stevenson looks prepared to channel his inner Punisher vendetta-mode over this, so it's a big deal. Watch out cops!

Hannah McCay conveniently appears at the Miami police station on the advice of her lawyer. She and Dex have a short conversation, which hints heavily toward the purpose of the young woman's presence on the show. The former accomplice of a murderer, Hannah was acquitted because she was young and played the part of wayward youth. However, in speaking to Dexter she reveals she enjoyed the time after the murders, proclaiming that she felt anything could happen. Is this the mayhem-loving blonde Dexter has always dreamed of? Maybe, but she could just as easily be an untapped adversary waiting to be slighted. I'm predicting Dexter jumps the gun and "Lumens" this chick by revealing his secret, thus making him a target for blackmail or trophy-kill

Everything this season is pretty solid. There are certain conveniences, like little Harrison being shipped off to live with relatives for a few weeks, but Dexter has always built its mythology on fortunate outcomes and lucky breaks. The Dex/Deb stuff remains the backbone, but it does feel a little like the show is cashing in its biggest chip too early. What else can they do to really surprise me? Right now the antagonists this season are little lackluster, and the secondary characters are rarely noticeable. A good episode in an above-average season, but I know it can get better.

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