Klown (2010)

A movie review article by: Jason Sacks

From Denmark's version of Curb Your Enthusiasm comes this thoroughly outrageous and raunchy buddy pic about two buddies whose "Tour de Pussy" canoe trip turns into a series of completely humiliating and ridiculous adventures.

Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen are a mismatched pair of buddies who just want to get away from the women in their lives and have a great time escaping all their troubles by floating down the river, visiting the world's greatest brothel and picking up some adorable high school age girls. The guys are idiots and completely self-centered jerks, but we can all relate to them. They're just living the fantasy that many guys want to live.

Casper is an arrogant self-styled womanizer whose wife browbeats him constantly and who always seems ready to get into some sort of trouble or another. He's full of lust – lust for adventure, lust for fun and an endless lust for females.

Frank, meanwhile, is a much more passive guy who has the perfect knack for doing everything wrong, whether it’s admitting that he didn't read Heart of Darkness for a high powered book club, catching a criminal in his house, mentoring a young boy or taking advantage sexually of a strange young woman.

Together these two men have a spectacularly funny relationship honed by a TV series created for Danish TV (and just as outrageous as this movie, to judge by the hilariously bizarre episode included on the DVD of this movie). They have a great sense of comic timing with each other, a fresh and funny set of reactions that seem to be perfectly well-honed and often quite hilarious.

Even though there are jokes centered around anal rape, the size of a twelve-year-old's penis and adult men having sex with high school girls, there's a sweetness and charm at the core of this movie that makes you still want to love the self-centered jerks at the center of this movie. I wasn't just waiting for the next outrageous scene as I watched Klown; I was also having fun watching some very likeable characters. It's hard to resist people who are completely single-minded.

This is definitely not a "prestige" international movie, but it's definitely a whole lot of fun. Klown will make you laugh, not scare you.


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