Miniseries Review: Mondo

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks

Now, keep in mind that there are factors and details that will go without proper explanation due to the act that they defy logical definition. But the gist of it all is fairly simple and straightforward. So, don’t try to read too much more into it than what lay on the surface or you might blow a brain gasket.

- a giant, man-eating rooster in Ted McKeever's Mondo


Or, to state it another way: B'gok, motherfucker!

Lemme tell you, ain't nothing in the world like a Ted McKeever comic. He's a genre all on his own, one of those completely, thoroughly, completely goddamn unique creators who exists in his own distinctive brain space, all unexplainable events and mysterious strangeness and those blacks oh god those blacks, nobody uses blacks on his page better than Ted McKeever -- god just look at the way he lays ink on the page in a way that builds the intensity and the grotesque intensity of this wild, peculiar, hilarious, gonzo miniseries full of giant cocks and other giant cocks and even more giant cocks but not actually a specific giant cock.

Umm, can you say that on TV?

Sorry if I lose my coherence a bit as I write about Mondo; I hope you won't hold it against me if my nattering about this comic sometimes veers towards the incomprehensible. It's just that this comic is so damn weird, so funny and ridiculous and mondo wacko that it's hard to not just venture into the same sort of ridiculously self-referential plain ol' wackiness that McKeever indulges in this comic.

Because this is the zaniest damn comic you ever will see, a scatological and absurd comic about giant men, giant cocks (not that kind of cock, get your mind out of the gutter and yeah you can say that on TV), giant squid and giant swathes of destruction. There's the most corrupt mayor in California and a roller-blading babe so vicious that she could be part of the roller derby team straight from Hell; there's a scene that almost seems to be making fun of Frank Miller's Sin City and oh god, seriously, the most amazingly gorgeous, breathtakingly ugly art you've ever seen in a comic book.

I mean it: McKeever's art will blow your mind, turn you around, make you believe in the beauty of the absurdly, euphorically grotesque world he depicts in Mondo. His style is a revelation, Mondo is a work of completely uniquely absurd beauty; inexplicable, unexpected, full of surprises even compared with McKeever's other work. There's a tremendous joy on these pages; a remarkable appreciation of all the awesome, absurd, ridiculous stuff and bother of everyday life that makes this miniseries more than just a goof but a real, pure, intense, mainlined adrenaline rush on the comics page.

It's awesome.

It's amazing and hilarious and weird as shit and full of the most beautifully placed blacks that you ever will see on a comics page.

It's Ted McKeever's latest comic.

Just buy the damn thing so I can shut up about it already.



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