Vampirella and The Scarlet Legion #5

A comic review article by: Ray Tate

Plot? Yes, I suppose there is one, loosely anyway. Joe Harris lost the story last issue, and the final chapter's no better. Vampirella swallowed by Chaos now parlays with Chaos about her role in the food chain. Chaos is somewhat smitten with Vampirella and her want to save humanity when its hers to destroy or rule. Such unexpectedness appeals to Chaos, and we discover that Chaos hasn't been pulling the strings afterall. It's (insert the name of the demon here).

What She Said

I have read Vampirella in comic book and magazine form, and the name Harris pulls out his hat doesn't register any shock or awe. The name just makes me throw up my arms and say "Whatever." Had he said the Queen of Hearts, had he said Redjack, had he said Dracula, I would have given the book an extra bullet, but the big reveal is this thing. Okay. What is that thing? He's so forgettable that I had to look him up in my handy-dandy copy of Vampirella: The Crimson Chronicles. The demon in question manifests in the third Vampirella story, also where Ethan Shroud takes his bow. The difference lies in the impression.

You Suck Ethan Shroud

Ethan Shroud was the reprobate Warlock that betrayed Vee, murdered his ex and decided to make Vampirella his sex slave rather than sacrifice her to the forces of Chaos. What a guy, but he had sour substance: the nice young man that's secretly more vile than the monster. The demon was the thing that he was sacrificing to. It didn't look like it had the brains to pick its nose let alone orchestrate a master subterfuge.

I might have also given the book an extra bullet if Vampirella were more involved in the story. Mainly, she's off on a dream trip, and unlike in her mother-title, she doesn't interact very well with the dream. The action comes from the startling clash between Brittaney against Hecuba.

What's Her Face vs. Who's it

Yeah, I couldn't care less about the kitten fight, even if you try to make it kinky with white latex. The sacrifice to get Vampirella back doesn't resonate since hello, this character was already dead, and there's still no really good explanation for Vampirella's life-long friend turning against her on the turn of a dime. Bleah. Bleah, I say. Furthermore, the youth she saved in the early good chapters of Scarlet Legion amounts to nothing. He's just there.

I can only recommend Jose Malaga's superb artwork. Reminiscent of Jose Gonzalez's masterful presentations, Malaga deserved a far better story to ply his trade.

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