Digital Comic: Lower Regions: Defense of the West Gate

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks

Hooray! We get to spend more time in Alex Robinson's Lower Regions!  Get your minds out of the gutters, folks, we're talking the lower regions of a dungeon -- no not that kind of dungeon either, what kind of guy do you think Alex Robinson is?

No, we're talking about the wonderfully fun world of Dungeons & Dragons style fantasy from the mind of the great Alex Robinson. And though the D&D world of Robinson's Nether Regions is true to its setting, with the first of two stories showing the inner lives, impulses of predilections of a handful of bug-creatures right before a battle happens.

It's a light, breezy, fun little strip, wonderfully drawn in a loose but fitting style that reminds me of Pulp Fiction in a way, in the way that this story shows the pretty funny and interesting inner lives of these characters, the way it feels like you're eavesdropping into their private conversations right before the action happens. And when the action happens, it's nasty, brutish and exactly what it should be, in context, and works great. The ending of the first of the two stories here is surprisingly moving and sweet, a perfect ending in context of its story. 

The second tale is a mostly wordless tale of a female adventurer that is pure action and fun. Exciting, fun, dramatic and well-composed, this story zips along with some great surprises along the way. The ending to this story alludes nicely to traditional D&D tropes and made me smile a lot.

I think this is the first Top Shelf original to come out exclusively on Comixology as a digital-only release, and the story is definitely optimized for display on iPads or similar devices. It looks fantastic on my iPad, with the images perfectly fitting the screen and with outstanding clarity.  The effect is like picking up a great self-published mini for the ridiculously inexpensive price of $1.99. And how can you resist a terrific comic like this for that kind of price? 



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