Girls 1.03: "All Adventurous Women Do"

A tv review article by: Dylan Garsee



Girls 1.03- "All Adventurous Women Do"


Lena Dunham's followup to her much loved/hated Tiny Furniture, Girls aired its third episode last Sunday, and tackled some issues that are rarely addressed on television: STDs, and how this generation deals with them. 

We open with Marnie discovering that her over-loving boyfriend has shaved his hair to support a coworker with cancer, and is visibly and audibly upset. She's so upset that she spends the rest of the episode at an art gallery opening, almost getting raped by, then masturbating to, the guy from the Lonely Island. But who can blame her, he's a looker.


Shosana spends her weekly 2 minutes of screen time crying that she's a virgin, and is then whisked away to the Barbie Dreamhouse Lena Dunham keeps her when she's not in use.

Jessa, fresh out of getting her baby finger popped out, picks up a job babysitting, because that's what you do when you just had an abortion in the back of a bar. After smoking weed with the kid's dad, she vanishes into the night, probably to go to Quarth or some other Game of Thrones reference.

Three of the four girls didn't have much growth this week, unlike the past two episodes. I was disappointed in their plots, because they almost felt tacked on, especially Jessa's. I have a feeling the Marnie plot is going to have a little bit more of an importance later on. If not, I have no idea that the point was.

Hannah, on the other hand, had the funniest story as well as the biggest character growth this week, after finding out she has HPV in a scene that I feel, if she were to be nominated for an Emmy this year, will be the scene that gets her the award. Hannah keeps a straight face until she says that she has the disease, then cracks with both fear and almost uncontrollable giddiness.

When her boyfriend who isn't Paul Dano, but I don't feel like looking up his name, says that he couldn't have given her HPV, because he just got tested, she decides to reconnect with her college boyfriend. After meeting at a bar and catching up, Hannah tries to inform her ex that she has HPV. Instead he reveals he's gay, which totally destroys Hannah in the most hilarious way, almost like watching a pile of clowns burn in a bonfire. She could handle her disease, but not that her ex was gay, which reveals a lot about her character; that perception is more important than private issues.

The bar scene with the gay ex was dark and funny, engrossing and disturbing, and overall a great bit of fun, even if I did feel bad watching a young woman fall apart. But that's what makes Girls great. It just hurts to watch, and when the blood rushes in after, its incredbly satisfying.

I didn't have as much fun with this episode as the last two, but it was still great, hence 4 stars.



Dylan Garsee is a freelance writer/bingo enthusiast currently living in Austin, TX. He is studying sociology, and when he's not winning trivia nights at pork-themed restaurants, writing a collection of essays on the gay perspective in geek culture. An avid record collector, Dylan can mostly be seen at Waterloo Records, holding that one God Speed You! Black Emperor record he can't afford and crying. You can follow him on twitter @garseed.

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