ADVANCE REVIEW: Green Wake #10

A comic review article by: Dylan B. Tano

ADVANCE REVIEW! Green Wake #10 will go on sale Wednesday, February 29, 2012.


"Always leave them wanting more." It's the first rule of show business. No one is sure who really said it, but nevertheless it holds true. It is how you keep an audience, how you build a following, and that leads to money (if that is what you're aiming for). Green Wake #10 wraps up this week leaving my mouth with a bittersweet longing for more. I spent quite a bit of time in my review for Green Wake #9 lamenting the imminent cancellation of such a wonderful project, and I'll be writing an article on the series as a whole with fellow staffer Felicity Gustafson later in the week, so I'll try and keep my pining to a minimum during this review. 

So how do Wiebe and Rossmo do in this final climatic issue of Green Wake? Do they wrap up everything, or do they leave us hanging? In short; they came, they saw, they kicked its ass (and that is my Ghostbusters quote for the day). I'm sure they would have liked to do more with the world they built, but they answered a lot of questions and did it in fantastic style, leaving it open ended enough for you to still ponder and wonder what the town of Green Wake really was. And for those that want the creators answer to that you can tune into Wiebe's blog as he will be going over exactly what Green Wake was the day issue #10 hits the shelves. I'll give you a hint, it is probably something Greek.

The whole series has dealt with loss as a whole, in one form or another so it is fitting that the final issue opens with one person coping with the loss of their father while another mourns the loss of a friend. Of course it wouldn't be Green Wake if one of those ways didn't involve changing into a bird-child and devouring someone. People come from all over time to Green Wake, so you'd expect to see a lot of different mythos in the town and Wiebe handles that well, mixing in some Native American mythology a little more heavily in this issue. Of course, the idea that all these mythos exist at once coupled with the way time passes in Green Wake allows one to sit and think about just what in the hell this place is. After all, you take your monsters with you in Green Wake, just like Carl and, as it turns out, Micah. 

Morley's power over Green Wake comes into play quite a bit during this issue in very subtle ways, further showing that Green Wake exists within the people who inhabit it. A simple word can break someone free, and of course the whole thing with Morley's never ending cigarettes. Speaking of, I've never wanted to start smoking to look cool so badly.

Which brings us to Rossmo and his amazing style. I've actually been using his art to bring the whole series to the attention of the bulk of my friends. So much so that I was showing off some pages from issues I had on my iPad during New Year's to strangers. I've won quite a few over this way. His style shifts so much within itself but stays consistent throughout. The last page of issue #10 is perhaps the most crisply drawn issue of the whole series, which normally features rough sketched lines. I imagine the art has been indicative of the mindset in Green Wake throughout and, in the end when all is done, everything becomes clear. Or perhaps I'm just theory crafting where there is no theory. Either way, Rossmo is stellar again in this issue. I've never seen something so horrific and yet so beautiful as the town of Green Wake, and that is a complete credit to Rossmo.

I wanted more, but I am happy with how they wrapped up Green Wake. There were no loose ends -- it was a good ending that didn't come across as rushed in any way. If you're looking for other books from these two then you'll be delighted in just a moment. Below is a list of books by each individual both out and coming out. Buy Green Wake #10, or if you haven't read any of the series yet, go buy issue #1 and get started, you won't regret it.


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