Harker #12

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
The second Harker storyline, "The Woman in Black", concludes this issue with a typically wonderful issue. Gibson and Danks are always terrific at delivering interesting, clever and exciting stories with more than a dash of quirky humor, and this issue is no exception.

As this issue begins, Harker and Critchley have discovered who the murderer is, and the murderer flees the police across a foggy moors. Typical for this series, though, the chase doesn't quite go as you might expect. There's a healthy dose of humor in the story, as well as a surprising appearance by a rather large dog. There's also a very clever and funny moment involving a mud pit, and a rather dark ending.

All of this makes for a very satisfying wrap-up for the second storyline. There are plenty of action scenes and momentous events in this issue to keep the story moving along. At the same time there's some clever and character-revealing dialogue that keeps the reader involved with the characters. And the dog just kind of made me chuckle just by his very presence.

Vincent Danks's highly photo-influenced art really works well in this issue. I love the way that the moors really comes alive under his pen as a vital place in this story. His style makes the setting feel even more strange, vast and mysterious than it otherwise might have felt, adding a nice dose of atmosphere to the story.

I'll miss this series while it goes on hiatus waiting for its new publisher to start running Harker. Every issue so far has delivered completely solid detective action, and that kind of thing gets addictive after awhile. Let's hope the hiatus is short.

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