The Squeeg #2

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Last April I reviewed the first issue of this indy comic and was totally surprised that this weirdly-titled indy comic has work by some longtime professional creators. Now the second issue has been released, and my surprise has turned into a real joy.

The Squeeg has turned into a classic 1990s era comic book, full of fun energy and traditional Marvel storytelling techniques. Umm, plus zombies, because this is a comic from 2010, and comics these days have gotta have zombies, right?

I think what makes this comic so refreshing is that it doesn't fall into the trap that so many modern comics fall into, where the book works as a postmodern commentary on the nature of heroism or something. There are no political battles here, no Sieges or resurrected superhero friends or any of the other odd little corners that Marvel and DC have painted themselves into. Instead, it's just a well-drawn and competently-written story about a superhero who carries a squeegee.

Okay, the squeegee is kind of odd, but it makes sense in context and is at least a unique superpower to have. The oddness is offset, at least, by other nice touches like setting the comic in Cincinnati and then doing the research to know that the city has a long-abandoned and uncompleted subway system.

It's fun reading a story where the hero is super-heroic in a traditional way (though he has a secret in his alter ego) and the villain is villainous in his own traditional way. Reading this comic made me nostalgic for a lost era in the comics industry, before all super-hero titles got mature and serious.

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