The Lunar Antics Presents: Boy I'd Hate to be Made Out of that Stuff!

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
"The Lunar Antics" is a cute webcomic, collected now into book form by creator Robert Walters. The idea behind the comic is that aliens visit Earth, making pithy, funny or insightful comment about the vicissitudes of life on our planet.

I enjoyed how the subject matter for the jokes in "The Lunar Antics" is different from strip to strip. Walters moves from jokes about high interest rates and invisible food to puns about magnetic personalities to jokes about TV news and money growing on trees to outright wackiness about weird playing cards (the king of bananas?). Because of the diversity of topics, I never got bored with the book and always found something clever in each strip.

Though I never found anything worthy of laughing out loud in any strip, I think it was quite likeable and the characters were fun. The three space aliens are clever characters and their interactions with their Earth friend Professor Jones are often pretty fun.

Robert Walters's artwork can best be politely described as awkward. It's obvious that Walters is not an artist by inclination, so his art appears very simplistic and childlike. The style is not a problem in the strips that are created as interactions between the various characters, but in strips in which the scene requires context or movement, it can sometimes be hard to follow exactly what is happening in the strip. For instance, there's a series of strips that depend on flowers coming to life and fighting people. The idea is cute, and might be clever if drawn by a talented cartoonist. But unfortunately Walters's style defuses the scene of its humor.

I'm glad I spent some time with the Lunar Antics because I had fun reading this book. It's not Charlie Brown or Dilbert, but it is an amusing strip that kept me entertained on every page.

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