Savage Dragon #147

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Sometimes an amazing healing power is the last thing you would want.

In this issue, the Savage Dragon gets caught in a huge explosion and has his body burned to a little crisp. Encased, mummy-like, in head-to-toe bandages, the Dragon fights on and on in his attempts to find his kidnapped children.

Ol' finhead is the ultimate battler, the perfect example of a man who will do anything, overcome any obstacle, fight and fight, to do what's right. It's seldom been proven more thoroughly than it's shown in this issue.

Issue after issue, Erik Larsen delivers one of the best comics around. It's not as flashy or pretentious as a lot of comics on the market, but Savage Dragon is full of panel after panel of passion, energy, enthusiasm, and wonderful plot twists. This issue has all of the above, most especially a twist on the last page that just slightly resets the status quo yet again. You'd think after so many issues in which the status quo gets changed, that it would become tiresome.

But just the opposite is the case here. I wanna know what all that means, how it will affect the Dragon in the long term. Because actions in this comic have consequences. Because things really do change. Larsen plays fair with his readers; events really do pay off. And because of that, as a reader I know that the rollercoaster will keep rolling, giving me thrills and excitement every issue.

Because what doesn't change is Erik Larsen at the helm, steering his beloved characters in ways that we readers would never expect. It's Erik's world, and we have fun visiting it.

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