Tales to Suffice #1

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
This is a very clever comic, full of entertaining little funny bits that make it a real pleasure to read.

Apparently Tales to Suffice is the first comics work by Kenny Keil, but it doesn't feel like work by a first-timer. Despite the self-effacing title, the stories in this comic are more than adequate. In fact, they're quite amusing.

Keil has a light humor style that he puts on good display in this comic. "Read at Your Own Risk" is a clever little tale of a pharmacist who gets addicted to a dangerous drug at his store. Yes, that drug is comic books. "The Red Atom: Humble Origins" tells the story of what might really happen if a regular guy decides to be a hero -- and trust me, it's not pretty. And "Love on the Rocks" is a great and humorous love triangle through a very strange sci-fi eye.

Keil does a wonderful job with the art in this comic, as well. He does a nice job of being chameleon-like and using different art and coloring styles for each story. The pixilated coloring style, combined with cutely retro artwork for "Love on the Rocks" charmingly fits its story, while the solid coloring on the "Red Atom" story wonderfully accentuates the rather listless style of the "hero."

Tales to Suffice is a promising debut by a talented creator. It's more than sufficient; it's quite charming.

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