Bomb Queen: The Divine Comedy #2

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
It had to happen because it was inevitable. In this issue, Bomb Queen has her first confrontation with her opposite number, the virtuous White Knight from the placid town of Littleville. And of course, the pair get into an intense fight as soon as they see each other. Meanwhile, a group of comics journalists are tracking down BQ for their website, and there are massive food shortages in Bomb Queen's town New Port City.

It’s chaotic business as usual in this series, in other words. Jimmie Robinson continues to deliver the goods, with a healthy mix of depraved sex and violence along with some humorously scathing jokes about the comic press (but no jokes about Comics Bulletin, Jimmie? What's wrong with us?)

Robinson's secret weapon is his art style. If he drew like JG Jones or Alex Ross, there's no way this series would work as well as it does. All the violence and depravity would be too off-putting and upsetting. Instead, by using a charming bigfoot style, he somehow makes all of it very palatable. I love, for instance, how the White Knight has a perfectly square chin and a beatific smile on his face no matter what adversity he faces.

I can't wait to see where all of this goes.

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