Bomb Queen: Divine Comedy #1

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
It’s a good thing that Jimmie Robinson’s such a nice guy because otherwise I’d worry about him. See, Jimmie draws and writes this outrageous Bomb Queen comic book most every month. When I say outrageous I mean a comic that is definitely adults only. But maybe only a really nice guy like Jimmie could pull off a comic like this. If Jimmie didn’t bring his unique sort of manic joy to this comic, it just wouldn’t work.

The first page of the issue sets the tone for the book. We see a dozen ordinary citizens of New Port City, home of the Bomb Queen, reflecting on the shortages of housing and other supplies that the city needs. New Port City is a town set aside for the worst elements of society, and this page does a hilarious job of showing those people.

A very maternal looking woman holds a bloody knife and says, "You literally have to kill for groceries now." In another panel, a young girl adds, "You heard ‘bout Becky’s neighbor? He, like, killed his whole family to apply to our city."

The next page brings a gag about sex with a goat along with a casual and cold-blooded murder, and away the story goes.

Not content to just make humor out of the most outrageous acts of human cruelty possible, Robinson also goes after the real scum of the Earth: the owners of comics websites. We meet three members of, a site devoted to finding out the dirt on super-heroes and villains. They face the problem we all face in this industry: it’s hard to compete against Newsarama. So, in an ingenious plan, they decide to infiltrate New Port City and find out new dirt on Bomb Queen.

This plan takes them to the seemingly bucolic town of Littleville, a town that seems to have no crime and perfect civic values which exports food and other necessities to New Port City. Littevilla has a hero, the White Knight, to fight for their values. White Knight seems impossibly wonderful -- the three comics geeks stare at him with wide wonder when they encounter him -- and the hero will be heading off to New Port City to bring a message of peace and understanding to Bomb Queen.

But Littleville has its own dark secret and it’s not as innocent or perfect a town as it seems. Something tells me that Robinson will bring down the White Knight in the nastiest possible way as this story progresses. And I can’t wait to see how he does it.

Bomb Queen is one of the happiest, cheeriest and funniest adults-only comics I’ve ever read. I’m so glad Jimmie lets the darker side of his personality come out every once in awhile.

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