Ramayan 3392 AD v1: The Mahavinaash Age

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
The first word that comes to mind when I think of Ramayan 3392 AD is grandeur. The main story in this book is epic in scope, grand in size, and legendary in feel. The book depicts a devastated world some 1300 years in the future, in which the mighty Prince Rama and his brothers are in constant battle with the evil Prince Rama. With their friends and allies, the brothers fight through an otherworldly landscape to bring light to a very dark world.

As Deepak Chopkra and Shekhar Kapur talk about in their introduction to this book, this book isn't quite an adaptation of the classic Indian story of Ramayan as it is an adaptation of the story's themes and power. The writer and artist do a great job of doing just that in this book. Singh's artwork brings the themes to life, doing a great job of depicting the bizarre heroes in an otherworldly environment, while Dasgupta's script has an intriguing Tolkeinesque feel to it at the same time that he carves his own path. The man story in this book plays out like the best of epics: a powerful, intriguing journey to a completely unique world.

Unfortunately I got less out of the backup stories in this book. Both "Secrets from the Underground" and "The Ascension" are attempts to spell out some of the background details of the book and illuminate pieces of the story, but neither one really grabbed me. Both are slow and talky, and the artwork in "Secrets from the Underground" is muddy and dark. Perhaps when the larger picture is shown, these two stories will be much more powerful, but in the back of this issue, they are uninteresting.

But the main story in this book is what makes it special. Ramayan 3392 is a real epic story that delivers both power and complexity.

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