Strange Girl #16

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
The art of a new story arc brings yet another new artist to this series. The artistic music chairs on Strange Girl is getting a bit frustrating. It seems like every two or three issues brings yet another new artist to the book. It's not that Bergting or any of the other artists who've worked on this series lately have been bad; instead, this parade of artists gives the book a feeling of inconsistency, where one never knows quite what to expect from issue to issue.

Bergting does a pretty nice job illustrating this month's issue, perhaps the issue most like a mainstream Marvel or DC book thus far. The first half of the book is devoted to a long battle with Bethany and her friends on one side and some nasty demons who have taken over Prague on the other. It's pretty amusing seeing the protagonists treated like traditional heroes since Remender has worked so hard to make Beth, Bloato and the rest seem unique. Bloato even charges into battle wearing a makeshift cape and mask, with a cute comment about his fashion choices to boot. I especially liked the demonic Hulk-like creature in the battle and how Bloato defeats him with a strategy one might never expect to see in a mainstream book.

The battle ends with a bit of prophecy from a beheaded demon: "in twenty-four hours you will all be dead." I suppose that prophecy is intended to augur poorly for the group's success in their European travels. But we readers can't be surprised by the group's apathy towards that concept. They've just literally emerged from Hell; why would death scare them at all?

This is a nice, clever and light way to kick off the latest story arc.

But I wish Remender was able to hold on to his artists.

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