Pacesetter: the George Pérez Magazine #10

A book review article by: Jason Sacks
If you're a fan of George Pérez, you need a copy of this zine. Tony Lorenz's George Pérez tribute zine is a wonderful celebration of one of comics' most popular cartoonists, a fantastic collection of artwork and writing that features nearly 70 pages of the Pacesetter's artwork.

I loved seeing dozens of examples of Pérez's art in this zine. The portfolio section in this issue runs a breathtaking 45 pages, including pin-ups of Frankenstein, the Beast, Scarlet Witch, the Vision and many more characters. Pérez is famous, of course, for his crowd scenes. But one thing that's really striking about his portfolio section is how wonderful he is at bringing characters to live. His version of Supergirl seems completely filled with life, and his illo of Firestorm actually makes ol' flamehead's puffy shirt look cool.

Even more exciting, Lorenz presents 20 pages of Pérez's pencils from Avengers #9. It's wonderful to get to look at Pérez's work in its original form, and it's a rare pleasure to get to see so much of it on display on the printed page. If I were an artist, I would be dying to ink these pages – heck, I might even do that anyway!

There are also some wonderful pieces of writing in this zine. I especially enjoyed the interview with fabled Avengers inker Pablo Marcos, who I knew nothing about but who proves to be really an interesting guy.

It's great to see a zine devoted to a creator who's still working hard in American comics, especially one as active as he is. I really loved reading the latest issue of Pacesetter.

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