ADVANCE REVIEW: Incorruptible #27

A comic review article by: Dylan B. Tano

ADVANCE REVIEW! Incorruptible #27 will go on sale Wednesday, February 22, 2012.


Incorruptible #27 took me a few read-throughs to truly appreciate. Mark Waid takes us through a Plutonian-ravaged world on the brink of collapse. Coalville is trying to piece itself back together but it operates much like you'd expect a third-world country would. It's run by those with money, even in a damaged society those who have money have power. The issue doesn't focus so much on Max Damage, in fact he pops in for a moment but is quickly summoned away to help somewhere else. So the issue focuses more on Armadale and how he is coping with this new world. 

Just a big death cloud. No big deal.

I've always liked Waid's characterization and this issue is no exception. This is a world of his creation and it shines through. Each character in this issue comes fully fleshed out, which is good, since it is suppose to be an jumping on point for new readers. It is easy to get a feel for where each character is at in the story, from newly appointed Chief Armadale; whom the issue revolves around, all the way to the lowly pharmacist who gets his ass handed to him by a bar tender of all things. The point being, yes this is a world recovering from the Plutonian, but in not way is this world better. Waid gets this point across early and often. Armadale spends the bulk of the issue solving a murder case, you find out who it is in the end, but I won't spoil it here because it is a hell of a surprise. 

Here I come to save the day...

Marcio Takara dons the pen in this issue. It isn't anything ground breaking, but it doesn't have to be. Takara delivers clear, easy to follow action. Kind of like the Anti-Michael Bay. The characters are well-drawn with sharp, clear edges. No blurring, which is an admitted pet peeve of mine. His style works well with the world Waid has created, fitting the characters the writer builds within the story. What did stick out to me where how Takara employed sound in this issue. I have to admit I really enjoyed seeing the roar of the motorcycles pass by. It is an under appreciated form when an artists conveys the noise within in such a way that you actually notice it. How often do you actually notice those blurbs nowadays? I can't remember the last time to be honest. Yep, totally went on a side rant about sound effects. That happened.

They just wanted some soup...

For an issue that is easily accessible for new readers I found it to be a great introduction. It conveys the feel of this comic's world without any issues and it provides a nice plot continuation for current readers. Waid is taking Incorruptible into a new world here, allowing him to continue this look into a world where hero and villain trade places. So far he is right on the money. 



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