Action Comics #844

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
I'm sure most of the commentary on this comic has focused on Richard Donner's participation, and for good reasons. But I want to take a minute before plunging into the story to praise the artwork by Adam Kubert. His brother Andy tends to get more of the high-profile books, but Adam is a terrifically talented artist in his own right. In fact, Adam seems to have inherited more of his dad's style than Andy has. Adam's artwork in this issue is slick and exciting but has an interestingly gritty feel to it as well. Kubert's Superman is a complex man, and you can see that complexity in every line of his face as drawn by Kubert. We see a full range of Superman's emotions in this comic, from rage to excitement to blissful happiness, and Kubert makes each emotion seem uniquely Superman's.

In addition, he does a great job with the heavy action scene at the beginning of this issue. When Superman stops a rocket plunging into Metropolis, Kubert does a sensational job of capturing the speed and energy of the moment, showing only fragments of the scene and snapshots of Superman's tension as the events happen. Meanwhile, the destruction to Metropolis is shown in great detail, in a way that heightens rather than detracts from the drams.

Donner and Johns really put our hero through the wringer in this issue, emotionally. Inside the rocket is purported to be another survivor of Krypton. The young boy speaks Kryptonese and seems to be fantastically strong. He's also vulnerable in the way that only a young child can be; thus, Superman takes on a surrogate parent role for the boy. The pair rapidly gets attached to each other, which puts them at odds with the government's plans and with some future plans that Luthor may be cooking up. Where will all this lead? Can the boy really be another lost survivor of Krypton? How will the events in this comic change Superman?

Donner and Johns have me hooked with this plot. Everything seems to point to the boy being from Krypton, but what does that mean? Where will this story go? With its gorgeous Adam Kubert art and its involving story by Johns and Donner, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this story plays out.

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