Casanova #5

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Whoo! This is yet another wacky issue of Casanova. This time, there's a mysterious island somewhere in the South Pacific. On the island live the first group of pre-neolithic men on the planet. But actually, there's a twist, and -- well, hey, the comic's only two stinkin dollars, go pick it up. What are you, cheap?

Because this is really a terrific comic. It's full of chuckles but it's not a humor comic. It's an action comic that just happens to have a really clever wit to it. Kind of like the Venture Brothers if it was all about Brock and he was a tall thin spy guy. And if the Venture Brothers had some poignancy to it. Because the epilogue to this issue completely puts things in a new light. Not only is Casanova funny and clever, but this comic has soul, too.

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