Romantic Eye #1

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
I'm a big fan of the comics that Blind Bat Press puts out. Editor Mark Innes always does a great job putting together collections of work by clever and interesting creators. And this comic is no exception.

The goodness starts with a funny cover by Bernie Mierault showing what life is really like for Barbie and Ken. It's so clever and funny, and the look on Barbie's face is priceless. The Earl Geier piece that follows is typical Geier: intensely drawn, with an interesting setting that's just implied to readers, with a really clever twist at the end. Why is this guy not writing and illustrating graphic novels for Vertigo? I really enjoyed the Henrik Rehr story that follows Geier's. I have kids like Henrik Rohr has, and I thought it was moving how Rehr used his kids' photos to illustrate the story. "Lauren's Dream" by Steve LeBlanc was funny, and the David Collier one-pager was terrific. About the only story I didn't like was Bernie Mierault's adaptation of a song he wrote. That piece felt too obscure and uninteresting to me. But then again, his cover more than made up for any demerits for the story.

Mark Innes always puts together such terrific comics. I'm really looking forward to the next one.

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