Invincible #34

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
After the tumultuous events of last issue, our hero, Mark, finds himself trapped on a desolate alien world with no way to get home. Meanwhile, one of Mark's greatest enemies is beginning to marshal his power.

This is another extremely solid issue of Invincible. As has been typical of the whole series, the story combines interesting and surprising characterization with some amazing situations to create a wonderful comic book. The scenes of Mark trapped on the desolate planet are legitimately shocking. There was no way to predict the plot twist that brings Mark back to our planet, and yet the way it happens fits the story perfectly. Kirkman is great in this comic at organically moving the plot forward from issue to issue while keeping the storyline smooth. There's something about how Kirkman is playing in his own sandbox here that makes his work on Invincible more compelling and interesting than his work on mainstream Marvel books for me. Meanwhile, Ryan Ottley delivers his typical very solid artwork.

I especially enjoyed the "Capes" back-up that Kirkman does with artist Mark Englert. In that story, the Chronodile, who had previously killed dozens of heroes before being defeated, returns. The intense battle against the villain is exciting and compelling, and has a feeling of desperation that makes the story feel extra exciting. It's a lot of fun to read a story where you have absolutely no idea what will happen, and "Capes" really delivers that.

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