Savage Dragon #127

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
One year later, Mr. Glum has full control over the Dragon's Earth. Mountains tumble, armies protect the new ruler, and every human being able to hear his message follows his orders. The only human able to fight Mr. Glum is the Dragon, and he's failed in each of his 58 attempts to defeat Mr. Glum. Even the Dragon's daughter Angel follows and loves Mr. Glum; she even cheers when the Dragon loses a fight. Everything is at its darkest ebb, and there seems to be nothing to save the Dragon's world. Until, on the last page, some other villains show up to challenge Mr. Glum.

Larsen turns in another typically wonderful issue of Savage Dragon. The unrelenting grimness of Mr. Glum's world gets a bit more oppressive than usual in this issue; there seems to be little hope of the heroes winning at the end of the issue, which I suppose will make their eventual triumph even more exciting. I was also less than thrilled at the appearance of the villains from Mark Millar and J.G. Jones's Wanted at the end of this issue. Anyone who read that mini-series will have mixed memories of it, and they seem a bit nasty to fit into the Dragon's world. Though I'll have to reserve judgment till we see them in action next issue.

This issue was just a bit off compared to previous issues. The unrelenting grimness of the story got to be a bit frustrating by the end. Still, any issue of Savage Dragon is a treat.

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