Sidekick #1

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Eddie Edison: pizza boy by day, superhero sidekick by night. Eddie is Mr. Excellent's main man Superior Boy, who serves the general purpose of helping out the big guy when he tries to find crime. See, Mr. Excellent is actually kind of stupid, and has a bad sense of direction, so Eddie is there to help bail his hero out.

Yeah, this is all played for laughs, how'd you guess? And while it's not too bad of a comic, it's an idea for which it's hard to make things seem fresh. Even some of the more clever ideas (like having Mr. Excellent make millions from marketing while Eddie can’t make a dime since he won’t reveal his secret identity) just feels familiar. Or having Eddie cross-dress to try to become partners with the beautiful Power Princess; it's a cute scene, but it's just not silly enough to be funny.

There are some scenes that click for me. I loved the bit where Eddie talks some bank robbers into surrendering because Mr. Excellent is kind of a jerk. That was a clever moment. And the dilemma Eddie finds himself in at the end of the issue is silly but has potential for future humor.

Chris Moreno's artwork adds to the feeling of whimsy in this comic. His slightly exaggerated figures have real life to them, especially Eddie, who spends most of the issue being brutalized, humiliated and embarrassed in one scene after another. Moreno does a terrific job of showing the sheer hell that Eddie is going through, as the poor guy goes from being an angry but regular-seeming schlub to being a battered shell of himself by the end of the issue.

This book has the potential to be a lot of fun, and I can't wait to see what other kinds of torture Eddie finds himself undergoing. But the situations in this first issue are a little underwhelming, and it's hard to escape the feeling that this comic could have been even funnier than it was.

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