Honor Brigade #1

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Who are the Honor Brigade? What are their powers? Who do they work for? Why do they fight crime? Unfortunately, none of these questions are answered in this first issue.

In fact, the Honor Brigade don't even appear in the first issue of the comic that bears their name. Instead, this first issue featured the break-in of a villain called Toyboy into the corporate headquarters of a place called Plus-Co. And really, that's about it. Toyboy breaks in, we see the villain come home and talk with his wheelchair-bound brother, and then see the CEO of Plus-Co threaten a guard’s life. It's all setup, all scene-setting, but the problem is that since the comic is so decompressed, there's just nothing at all that compels a reader want to come back for the next issue.

The closest we come to an appearance by the heroes of the title is a cute cover in the back of the issue. From that cover, it looks like Toyboy is a member of the Honor Brigade, along with six other characters. But there's nothing at all in the story that even implies a connection.

Bradley Bowers's art is just fine. He's obviously still learning, but has a nice command of storytelling; there's a sequence when Toyboy breaks into Plus-Co's headquarters that's clever and interesting.

I really wanted to support a new small press title, but, unfortunately, the decompressed style of this issue makes it a pretty uncompelling comic book.

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