Spooky - The Warren Fanzine #7

A book review article by: Jason Sacks
I love the old Warren magazines: Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella, along with their sister titles. The mags always deliver something unexpected in each issue, even though they've been off the stands for nearly 25 years. The Warren mags presented art and stories unique for their times, and often boasted stories and art by some of the finest creators of that era. Therefore, it's a joy and a pleasure to see the Warren mags celebrated in their own fanzine, which has now published its seventh issue.

The centerpiece of this issue is a revised version of "Mrs. Sludge and the Pickled Octopus Raid," a story written by Bill DuBay for Creepy #92 in 1977 and illustrated by the wonderful Luis Bermejo. I haven't read the original story, but this one is a cute little shaggy dog story about eating pickled octopus on the side of a mountain.

Other features in this issue include interviews with several prominent artists who live in the Philippines, including the great Alex Niño, along with Romeo Tanghal and Noly Panaglian. It's striking reading these interviews that we readers know so little about these artists who worked so long in American comics. What inspired a man like Niño to do such amazing work? Editor Casimir does a great job of letting these men speak for themselves.

There are several other features in this zine, including a nice look at Jim Warren's visit to the 2005 Comicon at San Diego, and Nick Cuti's reminiscences of the much-maligned Warren mag 1984.

If you ever have wandered across a Warren mag and been curious about the creators who worked on it, this is the zine for you.

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