Gotham Central #40

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
If you've been reading Infinite Crisis or any hype for the upcoming 52 series, you probably know what's been happening or is about to happen to Detectives Renee Montoya and Cris Allen in the greater DC Universe. These two Gotham City street cops are going to start to deal with experiences outside of their lives as police detectives. Those plot twists are all well and good for a comic that takes place in the super-hero side of the DC Universe, but they have no place in a street-level series like Gotham Central. Much of what's made Gotham Central such a treat is that the comic has given readers a normal person's view of the DC Universe, its threats and heroes. The series has always been about flawed people doing their very best to keep life in order in the DCU, even while greater menaces happen around them. I was afraid that this issue, the finale for Gotham Central, would offer a kind of transition, thereby ending the series on an odd note.

But my fears didn't come true. Greg Rucka has delivered a final issue that's very true to the previous 39 issues. This issue stays firmly in the more realistic side of the DCU and offers a nice denouement to the plots that have run through the series. Corrupt cop Jim Corrigan is finally exposed, Detective Montoya's problems with anger are finally resolved to some extent, and the relationships between the characters are center stage. Issue #40 does present a transition with this series and 52, but it does so in a way that's true to the history of this series.

Kano and Gaudiano do their usual sterling job with the artwork. Kano's a terrific artist at conveying subtle facial expressions on realistic characters. The art isn't flashy, but it perfectly fits the atmosphere that the story conveys.

This is a nice send-off to a wonderful series. It's too bad the status quo for Montoya and Allen has changed, but at least we have this nice send-off for them.

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