JSA #80

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
This issue presents all-out super-hero action. The war in the fifth dimension finally reaches a climax while the battle between Mordru and Nabu reaches its final confrontation. It's bright and fun hero action with just enough of a twist to make it really interesting.

My favorite bits are the battle between Nabu and Mordru. The contrast between Mordru's boasting and Nabu's calm are fun. When Nabu tells Mordru, "You claim that you are infinite, Mordru. You believe that your power knows no limits. You are wrong. You are a fluke of nature. A cancer upon creation. Nothing more than a tumor with delusions of grandeur. It is time you were removed," it's exactly the kind of drama that a reader wants to read. The conclusion of the battle is a nice payoff for longtime JSA readers.

I was a little more confused by the battle in the fifth dimension with the magical creatures who live there. Maybe I just didn't have the previous two issues in mind as I read it, but I had trouble remembering who all these weird mystic characters were. That said, when the "big reveal" happened, I definitely understood the coolness of the moment.

Don Kramer's artwork is really great for this comic. His action scenes are exciting and dramatic, and the problems I had with the 5th dimension battle had nothing to do with his work. I just love the way he drew Nabu and Mordru - I was dragged along by the excitement and energy of that sequence.

Overall, this three-part adventure written by series inker Keith Champagne has been wonderfully done. I hope he'll get more chance to write for DC in the future.

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