Spooky - the Warren Fanzine #1 (Vol. 2)

A book review article by: Jason Sacks
Man, this is a fun little fanzine! For those of us who remember or have read old Warren fanzines such as Creepy, Eerie or the original Vampirella, Piers Casimir has released four issues of a Warren tribute zine. The latest issue is 36 pages of sheer fun for any fan of either Warren Magazines or artist Neal Adams.

The main feature of the issue is an 18-page interview with the great Neal Adams, talking about his creative approach to his work for Warren, his individual stories for the company, and his rather odd sounding project that he's working on now. Adams is obviously having a lot of fun telling stories about his career in this interview, and reveals a lot about the background of those stories, which any Adams fan will love. The only thing I regret about the interview is that Piers didn't present more art by Adams, and that there's no attribution for some of them. For instance, there's a drawing of a gorgeous naked girl on several pages that I'd like to track down!

Other fine features include an interview with Warren writer T. Casey Brennan (though I wish it had been longer), a look at the failed Warren mag The Goblin, and some fun art.

This 'zine is a great deal at $4.95 per copy for either any fan of the old Warren mags or any fan of Neal Adams's work.

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